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Raven woke late that morning unable to move.

There wasn't any cause for alarm, however. The reason was because Philia, who had grown to quite a large size since she'd been getting regular and healthy meals in Raven's care, was currently draped across her legs. And as she frequently did, Karina had left her own bed in the middle of the night to climb into Raven's, and was now snuggled against Raven with one arm wrapped around Philia's neck as if she was a stuffed toy.

Raven was content to remain where she was for a few minutes, but eventually she wriggled her way out of bed as quietly and as gently as she could, wanting to let both child and dog continue to rest. Philia opened her eyes, yawned, then promptly returned to the difficult task of sleeping.

After making herself a cup of tea, Raven got comfortable in an easy chair beside her bed so she could go through her phone and check for news or messages (as always marveling, but not questioning, how she could get reception in Glacia).

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The sudden rush of terror woke Raven before the screams could. Instinctively knowing the source, she quickly got out of her bed and hurried to one of the rooms where the children were sleeping.

She'd moved into the new suite of rooms Karla had given her -- or, rather, the staff had moved her in what seemed a blink of the eye. With three extra rooms now, each with two or three beds, she had room for some of her orphan charges to spend a night or longer with her. Sometimes it was a treat of sorts, to come to the Estate for a visit, but more often it was because she sensed a need for more time with a particularly troubled child. Children were resilient, but some still carried deep scars from the war.

As she already knew, it was Karina who struggled with a nightmare. )

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It had been over three months since Karla and Jaenelle had finally managed to heal the trauma to Raven's mind and restore her memories. Her initial reaction had been joy to remember Karla's face and all she meant to her, but then everything else came crashing down. "Thank you," she'd said. "I remember everything again, but I fear this has all left me quite drained. If you will excuse me, I must go rest for awhile."

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But now Fandom was holding an alumni event, and Raven found herself thinking over these past few months as she debated whether she would be going or not. No, of course she would be going; she could not miss the opportunity to see old friends. And they didn't know her memories had returned, for she'd asked Karla to not tell anyone to give her time to settle.

It was the anxiety creeping in now to disturb the peace she'd found that had her feeling somewhat uneasy. But she refused to let it take hold. She shook her head, took a deep breath, and centered herself, pushing the thoughts away as she put her focus back on the paperwork she was looking over involving expenses for one of the orphanages.

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Raven sat cross-legged in the center of her bed, idly stroking Philia as she went through a collection of her belongings, jewelry and photos and other assorted trinkets she'd piled before her. Some of the items felt so familiar, but not enough to pierce through to her conscious mind. She sighed in frustration, and Philia nosed her hand with a wuff of concern.

It was so vexing, not being able to remember anything. Her mind had been through a great trauma and needed time to heal, and that healing was best done naturally rather than hastened along with her own abilities or that of any other. She certainly felt an instinctive trust of Queen Karla, and she definitely hadn't sensed any ill-intent from her or Jaenelle, just concern -- and relief?

In the meantime, though...redecorating. The staff had given her strange looks when she'd asked for the curtains and bed coverings in her chambers to be replaced, but then seemed extremely eager enough to help out and get rid of all the dark and gloomy black lace and velvets. Honestly, she didn't now how someone could live in a room like that.

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Raven had been at the Keep for about a month now, and she mostly kept to herself, reading or meditating in the rooms that had been given to her. Mostly it was Philia's needs that would draw her outside, but only for a short time.

And she may very well have been getting her brood on in a serious way.

She felt like herself, mostly, but then again, she hadn't realized it when her brothers had infected her with their power. Wrath, Lust, Envy -- it was all so easy to see how each had affected her now, but in the moment it had felt so natural to her. Her brothers had been cunning enough to merely amplify her own emotions rather than force them upon her. That she surely would've felt, but not the more subtle nudge to her own true anger, lust, or jealousy.

Her skin wasn't crawling as much as it had been when she'd realized what had been going on, but she still felt uncertain, disgusted and displeased with herself for allowing it to happen. She'd endangered the people she cared for most. How did she make up for that? And how did she prevent it from happening again?

[For them that are coming to visit, and for great slowplay.]
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Raven had returned to Glacia after leaving the dance, and had retreated to her rooms. She wasn't sulking. Well, not much, but her feelings had been hurt and it still stung. She'd controlled her temper, at least -- she'd felt it trying to slip free of her control, much stronger than it should have been, which was worrisome. Being angry was one thing, but unleashing carelessly was another thing entirely. But while she kept Wrath in check, Envy was doing its best to twist her emotions.

Philia sensed her downcast mood and jumped up on the bed and lay her head in Raven's lap. Raven buried her fingers in the dog's soft fur and tried to smile down at her, but her heart really wasn't in it.

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With all the time differences between Fandom and Glacia, not to mention time spent in other worlds, keeping track of just what day it was could just be asking for a headache. So Raven was very much surprised when one of the staff told her she had visitors, and even more surprised when she went outside and found the wagon and its occupants waiting for her, bearing birthday gifts.

Much later, after making certain that all her visitors had full stomachs and a place to spend the night, Raven retreated to one of the Estate's sitting rooms, Philia curled at her feet. She clutched some of her presents to her chest as she read and re-read the letters from the children. She wasn't crying. The sitting room was just dusty, that was all.

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Raven had asked Hannibal to accompany her to the orphanages she was inspecting today as a way to distract him from his recent troubles. Immersing herself in the welfare of others also helped distract herself from the same, of course, so the trip had a double purpose. Well, triple, since she was very dedicate to her duty of making sure the children of Glacia were well cared for.

There were three orphanages on her agenda for today, two to the north of Sidra, and one to the southwest. She was most concerned about the third, since it was in a province that had been deeply loyal to Hobart, and she had little doubt that many of the aristos there had little care for orphaned children, particularly landen ones. But perhaps she was just being pessimistic and all would be well.

Yeah, right.

[For le cannibal. Warning: dark themes ahead (this is Kaeleer, after all). And the third thread is going nsfw, la.]
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Raven had been just a tiny bit miffed that neither Jono or Karla had called for her to tend to Hannibal when they'd brought him to Glacia, but she also knew that not everyone liked to be fussed over in the manner she usually did. So she'd kept her distance for a time to give him some space. He wasn't in any life-threatening danger after all.

After a couple of days she had to see for herself how Hannibal was doing. She made her way to the rooms Karla had given him and knocked lightly on the door. "Dr. Lecter?" she said. "It is Raven. Would you like some company?"

[For the one upon whose door Raven is gently tapping.]
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Raven missed the rooftop of the dorms back in Fandom, but she'd found an adequate replacement at Karla's estate. Wrapped in her cloak and staring up at the stars or out at the lights of the city, it almost felt like she was back to a time when life was simpler. Well, mostly.

She'd been on edge for weeks now, her emotional state veering between highs and lows. She hadn't felt this out of control in awhile, since the war had ended. She knew she should go see Dr. Lecter again, but while he wasn't afraid of bumping into her demon side, she worried what she might do. She'd used her gifts to kill again, had tapped deep into the powers her father had bestowed upon herself and her brothers. Except this time it hadn't made her sick to do it, and she had a feeling that was a bad sign.

She'd retreated to the roof to try to put a little distance between her and the emotions around her. Centering herself, however, wasn't happening. Brooding? Perhaps.

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Philia had been begging for a walk, so Raven had taken her dog out into the gardens. Without a leash and collar, of course, because after what Philia had been through, she didn't ever want her to be restrained again. And Philia certainly wasn't vicious. She was still prone to hide from strangers, though she'd slowly warmed to people she'd spent more time with.

Raven took a seat on a bench, lost in thought, as Philia romped about. Nightmares about the future still plagued her rest, though they'd lessened a little since her talk with Hannibal and better understanding the reason behind them. That hadn't necessarily meant she'd actually dealt with it. Mostly she tried to keep herself busy and distracted, which had been recently helped along by Karla giving her responsibility over all the orphanages in Glacia. She'd been planning out visits to each of them so she could inspect the facilities and see that they were safe and clean and the children healthy. Any place that didn't meet her standards would be swiftly put to right.

But she couldn't keep busy all the time, much as she tried, and right now she found herself in need of a new distraction. Maybe she'd visit Fandom for a couple of days. Karla was always telling her to take more breaks, after all, and even if it was August there, that didn't mean something bad was going to happen. Right?

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Come noon on Wednesday, Raven arrived at Cafe Russe as she'd agreed upon with Pamela. She ordered herself a chai latte and stood outside by the door to wait. She watched several people gathering along one edge of the park. They all seemed to be in very good moods, whatever they were planning to do.
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After doing her rounds of the camp to see if anyone needed any healing or help she could offer, Raven retired to her tent. It was a little lonely now, since she'd shared it with Dinah and Momoko before they'd left to take care of tasks elsewhere, but she was used to solitude.

She settled in with the book she was reading, the second in something called "The Raven Cycle." How could she resist a title like that?

[Open for she who needs healing first, then anyone else or texts or whatnot.]
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Raven was glad that Karla was finally able to visit her; she'd been sorely in need of some quality Karla time. She'd met her in the dorm lobby to get her signed in as her guest, then brought her upstairs to her room, one half of which was very black and incense and Raven-y, the other half being more like a typical college student's dorm room. "I suppose I could have merely teleported you directly to my room, for my roommate is gone for the rest of the week, but I have been trying to hard to do things as if I do not have powers, I did not even think of it," she said apologetically.

She sat down on the edge of her bed and gave Karla a tired smile. "Thank you for coming," she said. "It is so very good to see you."

Cut for pre-play, where Raven has Issues and Karla plays therapist. )
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After storming out on Dinah and Momoko the night before, Raven had retreated to the netherverse, but she found little solace there from the chaos of her emotions. It wasn't like it had been with her father trying to influence her. That she had known was wrong, and she'd fought it as hard as she could. This was more subtle and insidious, as Eric preyed on her own desire for affection and acceptance.

She knew Dinah and Momoko would never hurt her. But neither would Eric. He couldn't be fooling her empathy, could he? Desperate for answers -- and comfort -- she went directly to Eric's apartment once she emerged from the netherverse.

[For those who know who they are. Warning: extremely dubious consent issues. Also imminent but well-deserved violence.]
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Raven hadn't been feeling well for the past few days. She didn't get sick; her Soul-Self protected her from earthly illnesses, so she blamed it on stress and unwelcome news from Fandom. Eric had wanted to go out that evening, but she'd called him to leave a message that she would not be able to do so. She felt too tired, and too cold. No matter how many blankets she wrapped around herself she just couldn't seem to get warm. If the feeling didn't fade by the weekend, she told herself she'd call Karla to see if she could sense if something was truly wrong with her.

[For the creeper.]
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Raven was nervous about her not-date with Eric, particularly after he appeared at her dorm room door with a bouquet of roses for her. She could sense his obvious interest in her, of course, and she didn't want to give him a false impression of hers. But her thoughts of that faded when she saw the fancy vegetarian restaurant he brought her to for dinner. "How did you know I was a vegetarian?" she asked, pleased with his selection. "I do not remember telling you that."

Eric smirked. "You are? I'm one, too, and this place has got a lot of great dishes. It's one of my favorites."

"Really?" Raven said, surprised. "I would not have guessed that. Most of my friends are not vegetarians."

He made a face. "Sometimes I think about goin' all the way, goin' vegan, but I don't know if I can do that. But eatin' meat, yuck." He gave an exaggerated shudder.

Raven couldn't help but smile at that. She didn't at all begrudge her friends who enjoyed eating meat, but it was refreshing to dine with someone who shared her aversion to it for a change. "I was raised a vegetarian," she said, "but milk and eggs and cheese were not forbidden." Leather hadn't exactly been common in Azarath, either -- she'd developed that weakness in Fandom, and sometimes had to wrestle with her conscience about it.

"C'mon, babe," Eric said, taking her arm and escorting her through the door. "Anything you want tonight, it's yours."

[Continued in the comments. Emotional manipulation, ahoy!]
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Raven had fallen into the habit of going to the university library on Sundays, a hold-over from her time in Fandom. It was quiet and mostly empty then, and it let her focus on her school work. (And occasionally browse for any new Rumor Gal fanfic.) She'd been working on a paper for one of her classes when the laptop screen abruptly turned blue and flashed some sort of cryptic error message. "No, no," she said, at a loss at what to do. She'd grown comfortable using the laptop over the years, but she didn't know much about troubleshooting.

In which Raven really needs to learn better how to deal with creepers. )

[Establishy but open for text/phone calls/anyone who happens to be on the Gotham U campus.]
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The good thing about not declaring at major at Gotham University meant Raven could pretty much take any course that caught her eye. This morning she had "Charms, Rituals and Speech Acts: Theories of Magic in Performance," and she settled in for the lecture, welcoming something to focus on other than Fandom and Triela (and the headache she'd gotten from shielding out all the drunken partying in the dorms last night for some sort of sporting event -- she'd been so terribly confused at first at people hollering out her name).

The room was large enough to allow her to sit by herself as she generally preferred, and she was surprised when someone actually sat down right next to her. And even more surprised when the person said, "Hey, gorgeous."

Raven glanced up from her notes. The owner of the voice was someone she'd seen in class before, usually cozied up to another female student. He looked to be a few years older than her, a senior perhaps, with dark hair that reached his shoulders and blue eyes that -- and she'd tell herself she was silly for thinking that later -- for a moment seemed to see right into her soul. "Hello," she said, unable to help but blush a little.

"You always look like you take good notes," he said, grinning at her. "I missed the last class because I was sick. Can I borrow yours and copy them?"

She had to fight an instinctive urge to ask him if he wanted her to heal away any lingering illness. No one at Gotham University but Dinah knew she could do that. "My notes? I -- yes, of course, I would be happy to assist you in learning what you missed," she said.

"Is that an offer to tutor me?" he said, grin growing. "Because I don't know if I'd be able to focus on studying with someone as hot as you teaching me."

Raven blushed even more and ducked her head, focusing on flipping through her notes to hide the redness of her cheeks. "I believe this is what you require," she said, pulling out what she'd written down during the last lecture. "Please return them to me at our next class."

"Sure, thanks, babe," he said. "Your name's Raven, right?" At her nod, he caught one of her hands in his and lifted it to his lips. "Eric Forrester," he said, kissing the back of her fingers.

"It is nice to meet you," Raven said, flustered by his attention as she pulled her hand back. She was relieved when he got up and moved to another seat a few rows behind her. Then the professor began class, and she put it all out of her mind.

[Establishy but open for text/phone calls/anyone who happens to be on the Gotham U campus.]


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