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Philia had been begging for a walk, so Raven had taken her dog out into the gardens. Without a leash and collar, of course, because after what Philia had been through, she didn't ever want her to be restrained again. And Philia certainly wasn't vicious. She was still prone to hide from strangers, though she'd slowly warmed to people she'd spent more time with.

Raven took a seat on a bench, lost in thought, as Philia romped about. Nightmares about the future still plagued her rest, though they'd lessened a little since her talk with Hannibal and better understanding the reason behind them. That hadn't necessarily meant she'd actually dealt with it. Mostly she tried to keep herself busy and distracted, which had been recently helped along by Karla giving her responsibility over all the orphanages in Glacia. She'd been planning out visits to each of them so she could inspect the facilities and see that they were safe and clean and the children healthy. Any place that didn't meet her standards would be swiftly put to right.

But she couldn't keep busy all the time, much as she tried, and right now she found herself in need of a new distraction. Maybe she'd visit Fandom for a couple of days. Karla was always telling her to take more breaks, after all, and even if it was August there, that didn't mean something bad was going to happen. Right?

[Establishy but open for anyone in Glacia or texts or phone calls.]
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