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Raven had asked Hannibal to accompany her to the orphanages she was inspecting today as a way to distract him from his recent troubles. Immersing herself in the welfare of others also helped distract herself from the same, of course, so the trip had a double purpose. Well, triple, since she was very dedicate to her duty of making sure the children of Glacia were well cared for.

There were three orphanages on her agenda for today, two to the north of Sidra, and one to the southwest. She was most concerned about the third, since it was in a province that had been deeply loyal to Hobart, and she had little doubt that many of the aristos there had little care for orphaned children, particularly landen ones. But perhaps she was just being pessimistic and all would be well.

Yeah, right.

[For le cannibal. Warning: dark themes ahead (this is Kaeleer, after all). And the third thread is going nsfw, la.]
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Raven had been just a tiny bit miffed that neither Jono or Karla had called for her to tend to Hannibal when they'd brought him to Glacia, but she also knew that not everyone liked to be fussed over in the manner she usually did. So she'd kept her distance for a time to give him some space. He wasn't in any life-threatening danger after all.

After a couple of days she had to see for herself how Hannibal was doing. She made her way to the rooms Karla had given him and knocked lightly on the door. "Dr. Lecter?" she said. "It is Raven. Would you like some company?"

[For the one upon whose door Raven is gently tapping.]


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